How Boost makes you the best boss

Boost hooks your employees up with amazing discounts and offers from over 50 of New Zealand’s favourite brands and stores.

How Boost Works

How Boost works in three easy steps

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Customise Boost

Customise the Boost app and emails with your logo, so your team always knows who’s rewarding their efforts.

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Choose your benefits

Choose which Boost offers you want your team to see, from over 50 brands and stores. You can even add existing staff incentives too.

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Invite your team

Upload a list of team members and we’ll send them everything they need to get started. Or, download a list of logins and share them out with your team.

It’s as easy as that!

We take care of the rest, sending your team an email invitation to Boost. Once they’ve signed up, they can access the all offers you’ve chosen on the Boost website and app.

We’ll even let you know before new offers arrive, so you can turn them off if you don’t want them for your team.

Boost app open on a smartphone, showing four offers. The offers are Dunkin', Celebration Box, Pocketsmith, and Exercise Association NZ.

Boost app

The My Boost app is the easiest way for your team to access all the benefits of Boost in the palm of their hand. Take the Boost app in-store to show the cashier the discount code or access discount codes for some of your favourite online retailers. My Boost is available on iOS and Android devices.

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Boost website

Once registered, your team can sign in and access all the offers online too. They can choose from discount codes for online retailers or in-store vouchers they can download and print.

There’s something for everyone.

How Boost Works for employees

  • Boost is free to use (paid for by employer)
  • Offers and discounts at 50+ stores
  • Shop in-store and online
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Save on everything from DIY to travel

How Boost Works for businesses

  • Easy online admin
  • Flexible membership options
  • Customise Boost with your own logo
  • Choose which offers to show your team
  • Add your existing employee benefits

How to develop an employee retention strategy

When an employee leaves, estimates suggest that replacing them can cost you up to double their annual salary. So making an effort to keep the good people you have, before they get restless, is time and money well-spent.

Check out our employee retention ideas.

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Employee Rewards with Boost: Acknowledging Excellence Beyond Money

Empowering your employees creates a positive and thriving work environment. By providing exclusive discounts that can be used as non-monetary rewards, we help you create a culture of appreciation that delivers increased loyalty, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Join the growing number of companies propelling their workforce forward with Boost!

More questions?

Check out the Boost FAQ.

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