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69% of employees shop at work.1 Reach them with Boost.

Boost is one of New Zealand’s biggest employee benefits programmes. Get access to a highly engaged marketing channel with Boost.

Become a supplier

Become a supplier to access a highly engaged marketing channel

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Emails sent to work addresses are 25% more likely to be opened

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of Boost Members use work email addresses

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registered Boost Members

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new registered Boost Members each month

How Boost increases sales

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You provide the offer you want to promote.

Loading the offer onto Boost app and website


We load your offer onto our website and app.

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We notify Boost users via email or push notification.

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Users shop on your website or in-store to increase sales!

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Chanel Clark - Ārepa

“Partnering with Boost has been a great opportunity here for us at Ārepa. Offering Boost members a 20% discount on our online store not only resulted in a surge in sales and a great way to build a loyal customer base, but it also allowed us to tap into an audience that our normal marketing may not have had a chance to reach. Our return on investment exceeded all expectations, with a staggering 20 times the investment. Boost’s exceptional support and guidance throughout the partnership has been invaluable and made it very easy to say yes with everything else we had going on at the time. I would highly recommend teaming up with Boost if you’re looking to elevate your sales, cultivate your customer loyalty and tap into a very engaged audience.”

Chanel Clark, Ārepa

Adding your offer to Boost is easy!

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Provide the offer image

Loading the offer onto Boost app and website


and a description,

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and we’ll do all the heavy lifting

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whilst the sales start flying in!

Tailor your offer to suit your marketing plan

  • Email
  • App push notifications
  • Website marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • App & digital-driven marketing platform
  • Quick activation of promotions & offers
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You’ll be in great company!

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Logo: āma
Logo: Apex Car Rentals
Logo: Arepa
Logo: Avis Budget
Logo: Beyond Blink Jewellery
Logo: BookMe
Logo: Butterfly Creek
Logo: By Nature
Logo: Carters
Logo: Carters
Logo: Celebration Box
Logo: Century Yuasa
Logo: The Coffee Club
Logo: Crash Management
Logo: Curtain Studio
Logo: Dunkin'
Logo: ecowarehouse
Logo: Equipo
Logo: Exercise Association of New Zealand
Logo: Exide Batteries
Logo: First Rescue
Logo: Gold Health
Logo: Goodness
Logo: Hello & Cookie
Logo: Ideal Electrical
Logo: Institute of Makeup Artistry
Logo: Interior Design Institute
Logo: JB Hi-Fi
Logo: Lanocrème
Logo: Manuka Doctor
Logo: The Meat Box
Logo: Mico
Logo: Millennium Hotels and Resorts
Logo: My Coffee Capsules
Logo: New Balance
Logo: nib
Logo: Now Broadband
Logo: NZ Safety Blackwoods
Logo: Office Furniture Warehouse
Logo: OfficeMax
Logo: OMni Balms
Logo: Online Fashion Design Institute
Logo: Opuke Thermal Pools and Spa
Logo: Paddock to Pantry
Logo: PD Insurance
Logo: Pet Depot
Logo: PGG Wrightson
Logo: Photography Institute
Logo: Pinnacle Life
Logo: Pit Stop
Logo: PlaceMakers
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Logo: Xe Money
Logo: Resene
Logo: Southern Hospitality
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49,000+ registered Boost Members

876 businesses have Boost for their employees

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