Renew FAQ

Do I need to re-upload my logo?
Your existing logo will stay on your app and/or card. If you want to update your logo, you can do that at any time on the customisation page.

Do I need to add my users again?
No. All active users you have will be carried across. If you have any deactivated users these will not be carried across. You will be able to reallocate these licenses to any new users. You can add these through the user management page.

Do I need to re-invite my users to Boost?
No, you don’t need to reinvite any users to Boost. These will automatically transfer over to the new subscription. If your users are using the app, they will not notice any changes and will be able to continue using Boost on your new business subscription. If your users have a Boost card, you will be sent new cards to distribute to your users with an updated expiry date within 2-3 weeks of the invoice being paid.

Do I need to reselect my suppliers?
No. All your existing suppliers will be carried over from your current subscription.

Do I need to re-upload my custom offers?
No. All your custom offers will be carried over from your existing subscription.

When will the Boost cards be printed?
Your new Boost cards will be printed once the invoice has been paid. We expect it to take 2-3 weeks or the cards to be printed from the date the invoice is paid.

When will I be invoiced?
You will be invoiced 4 weeks before your subscription ends.

What if I have users that haven’t activated their Boost account?
Now is a good time to remind your users about Boost and how easy it is to activate their account. You can send out an invite to remind them to the register for the app by sending out the invitation on the user management page. If you would like Boost information or images to help promote the programme to your employees, check out the collateral page or email