Case Study: OJI Fibre Solutions

Oji Fibre Solutions know it’s more cost-effective to retain existing employees than find replacements during a tight labour market, so they’ve found an extra way to reward their people. Read more.


Oji Fibre Solutions is a leading producer of wood pulp, paper and fibre-based packaging. While the Japanese-owned company has subsidiaries in 17 countries, most manufacturing operations are based in New Zealand. Oji Fibre Solutions is part of Oji Holdings, which was founded in 1873.

Close to 1800 people are employed by Oji Fibre Solutions in New Zealand. These employees work from offices and factories throughout the country.


The HR team at Oji Fibre Solutions know that it’s more cost-effective to retain existing employees than find replacements during a tight labour market. That’s why they’re open to new opportunities for rewarding their people, especially if the rewards are relevant to all employees and help to reduce the cost of living.


We presented Boost to Oji Fibre Solutions HR team as a way to provide employees with easily-accessible discounts and special offers that save money.  

After careful consideration, Oji Fibre Solutions chose to join Boost. They identified six core reasons for selecting Boost over other benefits programmes:

  • Big discounts that are pre-negotiated
  • All purchasing areas are covered
  • Suppliers are pre-vetted and approved
  • Detailed usage reporting
  • A dedicated account manager
  • The ability to keep existing benefit relationships with suppliers and add them into the Boost app


Oji Fibre Solutions have been with the Boost benefits programme for nearly four years now and are very satisfied with the outcome.

Ameet, whose role at Oji Fibre Solutions is providing employee data to the wider business and supporting payroll operations, says Boost is adding value to the employer-employee relationship.

“This is the first time we’ve used an employee benefits programme and I can report that our staff are enjoying the benefits of Boost, especially the discounts and special offers.” 

Oji Fibre Solutions joined Boost in 2018 and data analysis shows that discounts from Torpedo7, Millennium Hotels, Curtain Studio, and Apex Car Rentals are the most popular benefits.