10 Actionable Tips to Unlock Employee Happiness through Work Benefits

Boost your business performance by keeping your employees happy. Find out how to obtain and sustain employee happiness with these proven tips.

Unlocking Employee Happiness - Exploring Work Benefits

Unlocking employee happiness is vital for any organisation; it boosts engagement, productivity and improves overall company culture. At Boost, happy employees are a cornerstone of business success. That’s why we’re excited to share with you these 10 actionable tips to achieve employee happiness and keep your business soaring.

First, let’s clarify what employee happiness is all about. It’s not about feeling happy and 100% satisfied all the time, but rather a positive mindset that helps employees do their best work and cross the obstacles that might occur in their work. Happy employees are more engaged, which translates into better business performance. Therefore, employers have several good reasons to care for their employees’ happiness.

Here’s why employee happiness is crucial to organisational  success:

Increased employee productivity

Multiple studies have shown that happy employees are more productive. An Oxford study found that workers are 13% more productive when happy.

Improved company culture

A positive company culture with connected employees is vital, and employee happiness plays a crucial role in achieving it.

Better customer service

Happy employees make happy customers. When employees are happy, they are more motivated and productive, which leads to increased customer satisfaction.

More creativity and innovation

Innovation happens when the workplace environment encourages collaboration and open communication between colleagues, and happy employees are more likely to develop new concepts and notice the links they might have missed in the past.

Less absenteeism

Employees who are intrinsically happy will likely be easily engaged in their work, leading to less absenteeism and fewer financial losses.

Decreased employee turnover

Happy employees stay in their jobs four times longer than unhappy ones, reducing the high cost of employee turnover.

Given the importance of employee happiness, here are 10 ways to increase it:

  1. Revaluate your total rewards package to ensure that it offers competitive compensation and benefits that are relevant to your employees.
  2. Establish open communication to make sure that internal communication is adequate and that employees feel empowered to voice their opinions.
  3. Recognise employees’ work and reward them for their efforts.
  4. Enable training and development opportunities that allow your employees to grow professionally.
  5. Train your managers to be supportive leaders that account for their subordinates’ engagement.
  6. Take care of your employee’s well-being by offering mental health benefits and traditional wellness initiatives.
  7. Respect your employees’ private life by allowing them to focus on their personal life during non-working hours.
  8. Ensure your employees’ work is meaningful and connected to the overall organisational output, increasing their job satisfaction.
  9. Encourage friendly inter-employee relations by fostering a collaborative and supportive working environment.
  10. Undertake the necessary actions to improve employee experience; undertaking those actions will affect employee happiness.

We believe implementing these 10 ways to increase employee happiness will lead to increased productivity, engagement, and, subsequently, your long-term business success. So start applying these tips today and unlock the true potential of your employees. At Boost, we’re confident you’ll see positive changes that will take your business to the next level!