How to create your own Workplace Wellness programme

Have you considered implementing a wellness programme at your workplace? A wellness programme doesn't need to cost the earth, we've pulled together a few tips on how you can establish a low-cost program that will help improve your team's overall wellbeing and work/life balance.

Photo of corporate people exercising outdoors

For talented individuals considering a prospective employer, wellness programmes can be a distinguishing factor. Not to mention they can help keep your staff safe and happy, regardless of your industry. An employee wellness programme can help you attract talent while improving your company culture.

1. Group Fitness

Exercise during the workday can help reduce stress, improve concentration and memory. You could look at bringing in a professional instructor one day a week, or simply encourage staff to start jogging clubs or another sport during the workday, perhaps offer a longer lunchbreak so they aren’t sacrificing eating too. Group clubs can help improve morale and foster better collaboration.

2. Flexible Work Hours

Having the ability to work flexible hours can make a huge difference to your employees lives with zero cost to the business. Having the ability to work remotely can also improve your teams resilience to ensure they are capable to deal with future disruptions. A flexible work schedule can attract new talent, improve your staff’s mental health, and increase overall productivity.

3. Have a Pet-Friendly Policy

Allowing pets into the office can be a great way to reduce stress. Pets are a welcome distraction and can bring happiness to all in the office at no cost to you.

4. Start a Company Sports Team

Having a social sports team will help with social engagement and can improve communication leading to greater collaboration. There may be sports leagues in your area that allow your companies team to compete against other company’s sports teams.

5. Wellness Technologies

There are technologies and apps out there that help you reward employees for making healthy decisions like taking the stairs and integrate your systems with monitoring devices like a Fitbit. You’ll find many free or low-cost apps available online. These technologies make it easy to run team challenges and give individual rewards to the best performers.

6. Giving Employees Volunteer Days

Volunteer days are a great way to help your employees get involved with the wider community, as well as giving them a sense of purpose which can help with job satisfaction. Engaging with the wider community will help your employees regain a sense of purpose.

7. Employee Assistance Programmes

Providing assistance for any type of mental health issue is essential for a wellness programme. You can either out-source or get someone to come in-house. Remind staff regularly that it is available and how to access it as you never know when someone may need help.

8. Stock Healthy Snacks

Promote healthy eating habits by providing subsidised healthy snacks in your coffee room. Or simply organise a fruit delivery. Providing a healthy spread during snack times is a quick and easy way to improve your employees’ health.

9. Create De-Stress Zones

Consider creating a “de-stress zone”. This can be somewhere like a game zone, quiet place, or meditation room that employees can use to reduce stress and take a quick break.

10. Ergonomic Workstations and Tools

Being given the right tools for the job can help your employees remain productive and healthy. It also helps avoid workplace strain and injuries. It can be as simple as providing a wireless mouse and keyboard. Also consider things like monitor arms or laptop raisers to avoid neck strain.

Reference: Kensington