Benefits of bringing your dog to work with Tips from PD Insurance

Take Your Dog to Work Day happens every June, but at Boost we like to think every day is take your dog to work day. We do it ourselves (hence the pics) and think more businesses should embrace it! That’s why we asked our partner, pet insurance specialist PD Insurance, to share some of the benefits of having dogs in the workplace.

Benefits of bringing your dog to work

PD Insurance doesn’t just provide pets with low cost, value rich insurance, it also researches pet health and pet ownership. Thanks to having its ear on the ground, PD knows what both pets and their owners’ needs are. In fact, the insurance provider just won Reader’s Digest Quality Service Silver Award 2024

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Benefits of bringing your dog to work

There are numerous benefits from having dogs in the workplace, not just for us, but for colleagues too. People who bring dogs to work are happier, able to enjoy greater job satisfaction and more productive at work.

PD Insurance lists these scientifically proven benefits of having dogs in the workplace:

  • Reduces stress
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Invites positive social engagement
  • Increases productivity
  • Boosts teamwork and morale 
  • Improves employee retention rates

In addition to the benefits to us and our colleagues, dogs enjoy the benefits too. Not being left alone at home can help dogs enjoy social engagement throughout the day, which in turn reduces the likelihood of pet separation anxiety. 

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How many Kiwis bring dogs to work?

PD Insurance’s own research shows that nearly a fifth of our workforce (18%) do take pets along to work. A further 19% would like to but don’t, owing to workplace restrictions. Another 19% simply work WFH, effectively bringing work to their pets and not the other way around!

For that middle group who would like to bring dogs to work, but can’t, maybe things will change over time. After all, 83% of the 2000 pet owners PD surveyed recently say that pets “Help with mental health”, an invaluable asset for any employee or employer.
So, how can you make the workplace safe and hospitable for dogs? Find out next.

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Pet proofing the office

When bringing your dog to work, it’s crucial to prioritise safety. That’s your safety, your dog’s safety and the safety of those you work with.

  • Pet dangers. The workplace environment can harbour pet dangers – items like electric cables and plugs, heavy equipment and chemicals can pose a danger to inquisitive pets. Even some office plants can be toxic to pets.
  • Pack away certain workplace items. To pet-proof your office space, keep small items like pens and markers out of reach, ensure rubbish bins are empty and bring your dog’s toys and treats to prevent boredom and mischief. Be mindful of harmful office foods like peanut butter with xylitol and chocolate. 
  • Safe zone. Create a dedicated “no-dogs allowed” zone for those with allergies or discomfort around dogs. To keep everyone involved safe, from your dog to your co-workers, only bring your dog to work after they’ve been properly trained and socialised. 
  • Vaccinate up to date. Any dog friendly office needs to establish guidelines for pet owners. For example, your dog should be healthy and fully vaccinated before bringing them to work with you. 

One paw at a time

If you’d like to bring your dog to work for the first time, it’s a good idea to gradually transition them to being in a new environment. For example, start with one day a week/month and slowly build on from that. This allows your dog to get used to new sights, sounds, people and potentially other dogs without becoming stressed.

If it’s your workplace that’s making the change to becoming a dog friendly environment, do that gradually too. Start with a few days a week or month and gather staff feedback to ensure a successful and comfortable work environment for everyone. Getting buy-in from the whole work team will make for long term success.

Read more of PD’s tips for taking your dog to work article, which includes tactics for getting your boss onside. 

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This article was written and provided by PD Insurance.